Guide For Designing Cyber Security Exercises

Here is an article that I’ve recently published at the Information Security and Privacy WSEAS International Conference – December 2009.

 Abstract: – Cyber security exercises are a very effective way of learning the practical aspects of information security. But designing such exercises is not an easy task and requires the work of several people. This paper presents a number of steps and guidelines that should be followed when designing a new cyber security exercise. The steps include: defining the objectives, choosing an approach, designing network topology, creating a scenario, establishing a set of rules, choosing appropriate metrics and learning lessons. The intended audience of this paper is persons who are in charge with design and organization of a new cyber security exercise and do not have the experience of previous exercises.

Key-Words: – cyber security exercise, cyber defense exercise, security education, design guide

If any questions, feel free to contact me.


2 Responses to “Guide For Designing Cyber Security Exercises”

  1. Sorry to disappoint you but, cyberwar is fiction 🙂

    • stormsecurity Says:

      Nice article and even nicer comments! 🙂

      Well, I do not really agree with author’s opinion about cyber conflicts because he uses a very simplistic approach regarding military conflicts in his comparison. I think that military strategy is much more than brute force (“better catapult”).

      The thing that best describes the article is the final update: “The military tries to make cyber fit within normal military practices, rather than changing military practices to fit in cyberspace.” This might be true.

      Hacking tools can be used as weapons. If you don’t have the right one, just make one yourself. There is no 100% security.


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